Ubiquitos Synergy Seeker @ The Foundation Night Club

Ubiquitos Synergy Seeker @ The Foundation Night Club - 9281
USS @ The Foundation Night Club
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Incredible !! Pure and Total Energy !! I knew we were in for a great show when I saw the guys stretching before the performance. Instantly a smile crept onto my face and for the whole night it didn't fade. I've started looking for shows to go to up here in Barrie and was quite surprised and very pleased when I found out these guys were coming to town. After having seen Les Breastfeeders @ The Horseshoe I've been looking for bands with some energy, excitement and movement to shoot. USS did not fail in this respect. They entertained the crowd with songs like Hollow Point Sniper Hyperbole, 2 and 15 16ths and Drop Around The Clock. Both members were great but Human Kebab is really something else spinning tunes, frantically dancing and without notice running out from behind the turntables and into the crowd and back faster than you can say Hollow Point. The highlight of the show for me was the tandem foot scratching displayed in this photo. The crowd ate it all up. By the end of the show the stage was full of crazed fans. Overall just a great show. A must see !!!